Thursday, October 17, 2013

Speak Volumes With A Hug

To my son Tommy,

Yesterday, I wrote to you about a hug.  Within that hug lies a meaning that could fill tome after tome with words of love.  In a two minute hug, I can convey to you what would take me years to express and do justice to through these letters.  Moments like that make life worth living.

Today, I write to you about five years of hugs that started on 17 October 2008.  Five years of moments shared between loved ones, each one affirming and saying "I do" over and over again.  I am still as madly in love with your mother as the day we exchanged our vows.

As you grow in this world, which seems to be turning from personal contact in favor of online interaction, remember that words and pixels are seldom enough.  You need those little actions that speak volumes about the love you are given and the love you have to give.  You need those knowing glances, those stolen kisses, those soft loving touches, those hand-holding moments, those compassionate sincere smiles, those full of life laughs, and those great big bear hugs.  No digital advance can transfer so much information so quickly as a hug.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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