Thursday, October 24, 2013


To my son Tommy,

If you ever want to make sure people know you are appreciated, take the time to do something special and unexpected.  I have had two examples of good people who have done this for me in the past month.  

One example was a sales rep for Broadpoint Technologies.  His company is upgrading my company's ERP system.  It was an unexpected surprise receiving flowers at the hospital when your mom was in for her recent Crohn's obstruction.  He already had the business yet he went above and beyond.

The other example was a hand written thank you note from your principal.  Your Bwama asked me to help get some big rolls of carpet up to your school.  Another school no longer needed or wanted these and your school had a couple rooms or offices that could use them.  I was just bulk labor and an extra pair of hands for the guys who really knew what they were doing.  But still a thank you note came home with you from school today.

In today's day and age where a quick tweet or email is the norm, the only way to explain these gestures is old school.  Frankly, old school is much more meaningful when it comes to showing your appreciation.  What was once the norm is now so unexpected that it really stands out.  So if you are ever in need of that special gesture, look to the past!  Open doors for people, use your manners, write thank you notes, write long hand letters, send flowers, send Mass cards, stop by and visit face to face, and most importantly fill whatever it is you decide to do with your heart felt sincerity.  On a side note, I personally have to remember to follow my own advice on this topic.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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