Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cheap Easy Comfort

To my son Tommy,

You enjoy play cooking in your play kitchen. Between that and the influence from the amount of cooking shows your mother watches, perhaps some day you will find a real joy and talent in cooking. But just in case, you better learn a couple short cuts from your father that he mastered in his drinking days.

Quick Easy Tomato Soup

One can of condensed tomato soup.
One can of diced tomatoes.
Splashes of worcestershire sauce.
Add all contents to a container and heat.
Make a basic cheese sandwich. (bread and American cheese slices will do)
Put it in the bottom of the bowl.
Pour soup over top (though try not to over drench the sandwich)

This was lunch for me today. I could have just done the soup by itself but the real art comes in the doctoring additions. The diced tomatoes make the soup chunky and can even convince yourself that it is like homemade. The worcestershire sauce transforms it from normal tomato soup to that blood mary type taste. Putting the sandwich on the bottom just saves you the dunking time and helps avoid the dunking splatter mess. It isn't five star gourmet but it is cheap, easy, comfort food that even the most inept bachelor can make.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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