Saturday, February 15, 2014

Night Out

To my son Tommy,

I went up to the bar tonight and all I have to say is life is not like it used to be. To understand what I mean by that, you really have to understand my life about six or seven years ago. Back in those days I could walk into any bar in the area, and I do mean pretty much any bar, and people would say my name. Bartenders would throw down a couple drinks and then ask me what else I wanted. Rounds would be bought and booze would flow. What would start out as a beer, or two, could possibly end up in a road trip to another state or at least end up as a four in the morning after hours party night.

Tonight, I walked up the local watering hole, I knew about three people but only one knew or remembered me. I had to tell the bartender what I wanted, a task that used to be relegated to those weird drink phases of my life. I offered my credit card to start a tab and it was swiped, which back in the day tabs were run for me on reputation alone. I sat there sucking down a few Guiness draughts.

Somethings never change though. The first two beers go down very quickly, almost a primer before I finally relax and enjoy the next drink. The good beers daddy likes are overpriced in a bar. Maryland lost to Duke in basketball, which was more common than I wish to admit, though Maryland is no longer going to be ACC so that will change. The bar was only populated with locals with a ten to one male to female ratio. People were still gossiping too loud. And the appeal for the bar life remains an ephemeral illusion that is more inspired by the chemical reaction of alcohol with the body than any real mystique.

So basically I learned that I am pretty happy that I had you and grew up. Perhaps if I ran into a few more friends, we would have tried to recapture some of our glory days, but if they are anything like me, it still would end up an early night by our old standards. And for this, I am glad.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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