Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting Old

To my son Tommy,

It will happen to you too. I don't care how often you workout or how good of shape you think you are in. One day, you will wake up and, much to your dismay, those weathermen will be more right than wrong. You will go out and start shoveling some very heavy snow and you will realize that you are every bit of the thirty nine years and change that you have lived on this crazy blue marble. Muscles will hurt that you were never aware of. You will look over with jealousy at your five year old son hopping through the snow like some arctic hare and you will wonder where your youthful vigor went. Perhaps the ages will be different, and perhaps the circumstances will be different, but one day you too will lament getting old. There is no return, so unless you figure out how not to grow old, shed your tear, take two aspirin, and soldier on.

Sincerely with love from your old dad,

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