Friday, February 28, 2014

Generous Heart

To my son Tommy,

You give me plenty of opportunity to be proud, and tonight was no different. We attended St Agnes spirit night held at Mt St Joe's gym. It was a fun time filled with raffles and games and events and little competitions. We went around booth to booth winning little prizes at games like ring toss and mini golf. You got to participate in a kick the balloon relay with the some of the older kids, because we were a bit late getting there for your grade level. Plus you went around saying hi to people, from teachers to classmates and all grades and ages in between, like you were running for public office. But it wasn't your notoriety nor your balloon kicking skills nor your prize winning ability that made me proud of you.

It was your generous heart that made me proud of you yet again. At every little game, you got a prize. You started taking the same prize from every station, a little notepad. It perplexed us and we kept prompting you to choose more of a variety, but you seemed to be determined, almost like you were trying to corner the market on these little notebooks. Then it all became clear. As things settled, you pulled out a notebook, one by one from your bag of loot, and found a friend to give it to. "Dad,  I am going to give this one to Andrew." "Oh look there is Emily, I bet she would like this one!" You worked your way down through your plethora of notepads to only one, which you kept for yourself, which is perfectly okay.

I wonder when you hatched your gifting plan or if it just came to you on the fly. You have such the generous and thoughtful heart and that makes a daddy proud. You walked around with the one pad you kept and basically asked all your heroes around us, like your aunts and uncles and even some parents of your friends, for their autograph...though you called it spelling their name in your pad. 

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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