Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Apple Pie

To my son Tommy,

Today at school was grandparent's day for PreK3 class at St. Agnes.  Your Bwama and Grandmom Roro came up to school to visit and make an apple pie with you.  They said you were being quiet and shy all day which is unusual for you.  I assume you just were a bit overwhelmed with both your grandmothers in the same room.  I think you are too young to be embarrassed by your elders, but that time will come.

I remember being young and often embarrassed by my parents and other relatives.  Your grandfather would wear the most uncool outfits when he wasn't in one of his military uniforms.  I recall ugly orange Baltimore Oriole shorts that should have not been worn by anyone.  Even when he was in his military fatigues, he would scare friends and any potential girlfriends with his hat two fingers above the bridge of his nose and the "I am going to rip your head off and poop down your neck" look that a US Army Major needed to do his job.

Your great grandmother Deezy Klein would come to my football games and ring a loud cow bell and since she was half blind half the time she would be rooting for the wrong side.  I remember being huddled up on defense and hearing the cowbell and hearing "Let's Go Offense" and the defensive team captain said "I see Grandmom Klein made it and is still blind".

Your great grandfather Leo took me through a grocery store and purposely put a chiquita banana sticker on his forward.  When I got home, I told the story to my dad and my uncles with gusto.  They just laughed and said when they were young, he made them wear the sticker.

I survived all the embarrassing things my parents and grandparents did while I was young, and so will you.  It was somewhere about my senior year of high school that I finally stopped making excuses for those who embarrassed me and accepted them for who they are.  I wish you would skip the whole situation but I guess it is part of growing up.  Right now though, you just love everyone unconditionally and for who they are.  I hope as you grow up, you get through the embarrassing phase quickly and return to the love you have for everyone at this moment.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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