Saturday, November 17, 2012

Basic Day

To my son Tommy,

The day started off pretty typical. I slept in an extra hour because it was Saturday and went to 8am mass.  When I got home we did breakfast and your mother had decided you were having an asthma episode in conjunction with the cough you had all week and we headed off to the doctor to make sure.  A quick doctor visit and quick visit to the pharmacy and we were home with medical instructions in hand.  We were armed with a antibiotic and orders to do a neb treatment.  We had planned on going to a birthday party later tonight but that was now up in the air and depended on how you did the rest of the day.

After a fierce battle to get you to down 4ml of the pink medicine, we had to give your mother some time to do her paper.  You aren't contagious so I dragged you out of the house on a daddy-Tommy adventure.  We hit the library and grabbed a book about space for you.  We hit McDonalds for some fries and such and we even hit Sweet Frog for some frozen goodness.  Just because you are sick doesn't mean you can't have frozen yogurt.  Anyone who suggests that you have to deny yourself such treats just because you are sick is sadly deluded.  Why would you make yourself feel worse by saying no to ice cream just because you are labeled sick?

Anyways, that gave your mother about 2 hours free of distraction.  We brought some fast food and sweet frog home for mommy.  We watched a couple shows and had some cuddle time on the couch, while mommy finished up what she needed to do.  We had to do a neb treatment that was another fight because you had started wheezing.  This wheezing made it an easy decision to skip the moon bounce birthday party.  Otherwise we just had a lazy Saturday.  I did help out a friend remotely with a computer issue.  Hopefully we can speed up his machine a bit to get a year or two more out of it before he has to upgrade with a new buy.  Spaghetti for dinner compliments of your mom and now we are all kind of doing our thing as bedtime is fast approaching.

It would be easy to chalk this day off as nothing special, a commonplace basic day.  Even extraordinary events like a little doctor appointment don't tend to make the day seem out of the ordinary.  But to write this day off as mundane would be a shame.  Every step of this day was about helping.  From the morning mass to dinner, from library trips to computer repairs, this day was about looking out for each other and trying to do the little things to make people healthy and happy and hopeful.

Sincerely with love form your dad,

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