Sunday, November 4, 2012

Library Card

To my son Tommy,

Today marks a momentous occasion in your life.  You sir are now the proud owner of a library card.  Not only that, but your first library card already has one book on its checkout list.  You read roughly five books at the library but this one Lift-The-Flap-Shadow-Book called "At The Zoo" was one you had to take home to show mom.

The day started out in a way that has become normal for this family.  Your mother who is often stressed about school and school work wanted us out of the house.  I had to get some things from the office because I had to do some work today as well and I took you with me.  On our way home we found ourselves at the Catonsville branch of the Baltimore County Public Library.  Ever since watching the movie "Matilda" you have been dead set on getting to the library.  You had just dozed off when we pulled into the parking lot.  After some jostling you popped up when you registered the word "library" and went inside.  You patiently (though anxious and excited) waited while the librarian got the necessary computer work done and issued you your very first library card.  Then I took you into the kids section and your eyes lit up.  You ran from book to book saying "Daddy look at this one" over and over.  Then you found some toys and puzzles and a little puppet stage.  When you found a little girl about your age named Sofia, you were in hog heaven.  You guys shared and read books together and did puzzles together and (surprisingly) even cleaned up together.  She seemed like an old pro at the library and quickly showed you the good toys and books and such.

Of course when it was time to go, the tears came.  After about two hours in the library and with a tearful good bye to your new friend, we settled on checking out the zoo book and we finally left.  The rest of the day has been speckled with comments about returning to the library and going back to play with Sofia.  Unfortunately you have been a bit ignored because I had to get some netbooks ready for work tomorrow and your mother evidently needed much more than the three hours solo for schoolwork today.  As I said it has become the new norm. But at least you had your library book to pass some of the time.  Anyways let us celebrate the beginning of a long career of searching the aisles of libraries for bits of wit and wisdom transfer from mind to ink on paper.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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