Saturday, November 24, 2012

Long Weekends

To my son Tommy,

Long weekends can be quite draining.  This long weekend is no exception.  Filled with family get togethers and the occasional shopping trip and multiple car rides, this weekend has got me quite pooped.

This afternoon we joined your mom in a couple shopping trips.  She has a project due for nursing and had to grab some items for her presentation.  The assignment was to focus on religion and how it would or could effect treatment.  Her group is doing their project on the Hare Krishna religion.  She needed some things from Michaels craft store and a food processor from Wal-Mart as she is attempting to make kofta balls or some other traditionally Krishna food.

You were so tired through all the weekend excitement that as your mother was talking to you in the car, you fell asleep.  The car can have that effect on you, but usually if someone is engaging you, you don't zonk out.  That is more a testament to the pace of the long weekend than your mother's conversation.  So we decided to let you nap in the car.  We dropped your mom off at the house to work on her project and headed up to Grandmom Roro's house.  I picked up some french fries on the way for when you woke up.  I figured you would nap until we got there,  I figured wrong.

I brought you in the house and you plopped right down on the couch and zonked out once again.  You slept through Downey family dinner and all.  When you finally awoke, you decided that three hour old fries were not what you wanted.  You were determined to get some fresh (or as fresh as fast food can be) fries and decided that, even though you had under five minutes of conscious time, we had visited plenty.

As I apologized for your insistence on leaving,  your grandfather reminded me that quality time doesn't have to be spent awake.  They enjoyed your presence and enjoyed watching you sleep.  They were happy with my company too, but I think that is mostly because my stories are about you and your daily shenanigans.  Though I understand the sentiment, quality time is subjective,  I have to question if senility doesn't play a part in their judgement that watching a snoring slobbering toddler on their couch is quality time.  To each their own.  Right now I am thinking quality time is going to be a NyQuil tablet and some eye lid inspecting done from the inside.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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