Thursday, November 1, 2012


To my son Tommy,

I think I have a masochistic side because to add to all the events of the past week, I had a dental cleaning today. They found the repair they did last year ( not sure if it is a cap or filling on top of the root canal) has a small space that is has allowed some decay underneath. Throw in a small cavity on the other side of the mouth that also needs to be filled.

Your old man was never good at dental care. Brushing teeth and flossing and such seemed like such a chore, until the root canal last year. Now I am much more dedicated to brushing twice a day and mouthwash and all. Still need to work on flossing but we all have our downfalls.

Luckily, you have a zeal for brushing your teeth. You aren't very good at it yet but when you start brushing you have fun. Even though it takes up to twenty minutes before you want to stop, I try not to discourage you at all. Of course when you decide to brush for an extended amount of time, we are running out the door and it makes it difficult.

But brushing is the ultimate example of an ounce of prevention saves you money and difficulty later. The estimate for the little filling they are doing is about eighty bucks. I could buy ten years worth of toothpaste for that amount. The re-repair is free of charge but the amount of money I paid last year for the original repair was pretty darned high. So free is relative.

Keep brushing your teeth, learn to do it well, and learn to floss. I can't stress how much money and aggravation and difficulty you will save in the future. Plus you have such a beautiful and heart warming smile that deserves extra care!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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