Saturday, November 3, 2012

Walk With Me

To my son Tommy,

Even though it was cold today, you and I went for a walk.  You love going for a walk with your daddy and I try to always oblige.  In my mind we are setting out for adventures unknown but in reality we do not have the great variety but only have about three maybe four destinations and routes.  I coudn't find my hat so I just wore your angry birds hat for our walk.  I got a couple odd looks and people seemed to cross to the other side of the street when they saw a 275 pound man wearing an angry bird hat coming towards them.  I may start wearing that hat more because I really like the results it brought.

Our first stop today was Nansy's house.  Nansy lives at the top of the hill on Orpington, so when we crest the hill you are usually sufficiently winded and ready to take a break.  It used to be half way up the hill you would start asking to be carried or shouldered.  I guess your stamina really is increasing.

After visiting with Nansy for  a little, we went around the block onto Aldershot.  Nansy had a package delivered to her house that was supposed to be to a house on Aldershot.  The postman got the house number right but the street wrong, so she asked us to deliver this.  A quick stop at the very grateful package receiver, and we were off to check to see if you Bwama was home.  A couple knocks and rings at her house and we realized we were out of luck.  You werew pretty determined that we could wait for someone to show up, until I suggested going to your Aunt Debbie's.

A quick jaunt cross the street and your aunt Debbie was smiling and greeting us.  Emma was headed out to do some pottery painting and Aunt Debbie was taking her.  But we weasled in and hung out with Gabe until Aunt Debbie came back.  She graciously bought us some McDonald's and we had lunch and played and played.  You love toys and other people's toys are a special treat to you.  Your cousin Gabe has some of the coolest and you were in hog heaven.  We stayed until you started getting argumentative with your cousin about how to play with certain toys.  You have been hornery and quite independent and contrary with many actions and Gabe tried patiently showing you how to do things and you insisted on "I do it myself!".  Recognizing the clues, I decided it was time to head out.  Aunt Debbie and Gabe gave us a clock toy so you can start learning to tell time and we said our good-byes and see ya laters and off we went.

You quickly decided that walking was no longer for you, and asked to be carried for the last leg of our journey.  Since you were tiring so quickly we skipped our usual stop by the Johnson household to see your Aunt Karen and Uncle Chris and Cousin Ryan, and just headed for the comfort of our home.  Next time we will adjust our route to put them first on our visit.

Now you may think today was just about a walk with your dad and some visiting with family.  You'd be mistaken because it is about so much more.  The little tasks and events of life are not the important part.  It is about the time spent together.  It is the love and the connection with your loved ones that make a stroll so much more than just a walk.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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