Friday, January 4, 2013

How It Begins Isn't How It Has To End

To my son Tommy,

This morning at 5:30 or so we were woken up by a call from your Grandpa Leo.  The computer systems at our work were having troubles.  As I rolled out of bed and down to the computer to assess the situation, I thought to myself "Here we go".  I did a couple of those technical things (rdp, service restarts, remote restarts, log viewing, end sessions, etc etc) remotely and thought I was thwarted when things weren't happening in sufficient time.  So I jumped into the truck and started into the office.  About halfway in on my commute and the sql database that I had restarted finally had rebuilt and everything was running smoothly.  "If the day starts like this," I thought to myself, "I should just turn around and go back to bed."

Surprisingly though, even with all the challenges and a dubious start, the day turned out pretty darned okay.  It had the potential to be a horrible day if I let it, but I just decided not to let it become the monstrosity I had envisioned.  It wasn't even that tough to do.  With a little humor and a a little determination, the day turned out okay.  Great?  No.  Horrible? No.  Just your plain old average nothing special good day that you get to come home from work and hug your son and kiss your wife and the day starts getting better.

Now it is fast approaching the witching hour, it has been a long day.  And though I have made the most out of a potential bad day, I am getting tired and grouchy.  Your mom keeps finding chores for me that I should be happy to help with but my resolve is slowly fading.  I just wanted to write this letter to you and hit the sack and not ruin the okay day with a low note.  But so far these three small paragraphs have taken over twenty minutes to finish because of chores and such.  So I am going to try and follow the advice of George Costanza from a Seinfeld episode and try to always leave on a high note.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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