Wednesday, January 30, 2013


To my son Tommy,

Tonight was the St Agnes School Eighth Grade Talent Show. Everyone did great but your cousin Emma stole the show (this of course coming from a totally unbiased Uncle) in her solo and her duet with her best friend Emma (whom you have a crush on). I am excited for you to grow up in this community. Good people supporting and applauding good kids who give it their all on stage. I can't wait till it is your turn on stage. From what I understand, Mr. Baker who has been at the school since your mom went there for grade school, will most likely be directing you. You have to love tradition.

After the show we all hit Sweet Frog, which seems to be a new starting tradition in our family or after event parties. You actually ate some of your treat tonight, obviously showing off for your crush. Any time some different food is consumed by you, your mother and I get so excited that it doesn't matter why or when or how or what or for whom. But that is enough on you, let me get back to the stars of the night.

Now I wasn't taking any video at the show. There were enough people running phones or cameras in our family that I am sure I will be able to link to a few of those videos. Instead I uploaded the practice/preview videos when the Emmas gave us a sneak peek before the show of their act.  If these songs ring a bell when you are older, it is because you watched these videos day in and day out over and over since your mom captured them on her phone.  Enjoy.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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