Monday, January 21, 2013

Single Concept

To my son Tommy,

Often in my life I hear a single sentence, or single phrase, or single concept, or even a single word and can expound greatly on this one item. Some attribute this ability to a great mind where other attribute it to an Irishman who is full of crap. The truth lies somewhere in between those two extremes. You will most likely fall somewhere between these two extremes as well.

On a day like today, where the news is filled with sound bites and memorable quotes and speeches, be they from today's ceremonial inauguration (the real one was as always the 20th of January as determined by the amended Constitution) or be they from a man named Martin Luther King Jr. whose greatness we celebrate today, ideas abound from the simplest of words. Words inspire us to dream beyond what we know and have accepted to what could and should be. Simple concepts of people standing up or sometimes sitting down for what they believe in, change the way we think. We are reminded that the simple but true can inspire and we are challenged to move forward in every aspect of our lives.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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