Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thar She Blows

To my son Tommy,

The waves crashed over the side of the ship as we had sailed in to a squall. The captain held steady barking orders to his crew as he peered through his spyglass and firmly kept his prize in his sight. "Scooby, baton down the hatches. Alvin, get your furry chipmunk cheeks up to the crows nest, Mr. Daddy pirate unfurl the main sails. Thar she blows! Hard to port!"

My cell phone rang and my break from working at home on a sick day was over. The waves quickly receded and I was able to disembark from S.S.TommysBed and bid my stuffed animal crew mates and my disappointed captain, who was still looking through the wrong side of his spyglass, fare well.

The other day your mom was cleaning the basement. She found my old spyglass. I can't remember where I got it and neither can your Grandpa Leo but I have had it for at least 30 years. A cheap souvenir from Fort McHenry or some other sea like attraction. It is made by Zenith in Japan and it works with a 25x30 zoom. Another manufacturer makes the exact type for thirty or so dollars online to this day. But this one is priceless. Not because of any actual monetary value but because it helped me sail the seven seas of my imagination when I was younger and now as I have gifted it to you, we have found new waters to explore.

Sincerely with love from your dad (and first mate),

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