Saturday, January 26, 2013


To my son Tommy,

Tonight I had a perfectly good adult evening.  It was the perfect mix of alcohol and friend and stories of old and new and such and enjoyable time with friends.  We talked of things we "accomplished"  in the past and and of new experiences and adventures of the present, most inspired by you.  I got to spend time with my best friend who you call your Uncle Eric as well as many other faces of the past.  I do not bring this up to guilt you in any way.  I do not bring this up to you to point out that life exists for your parents outside your existence.  In fact I bring it up to point out that you are soo much better and soo much more important than the life of my past.

I started the day in a funk from yesterday.  I had given up hope of ever being right again.  Even if I am right and attempt to tell someone about being right, I seem to lose.  It doesn't matter how right or how provable that fact is, I had lost all hope in telling present generations and future generations of what I think is correct.  I had decided that even though my soul risked being sucked out of my body that I would rather be silent and in love and happy than point out how I am right and others are wrong.

Then, after a prolonged stand off on making sure you feed yourself rather than be babied and fed, we finally went out to play in the snow.  Even though we had less than an inch, somehow we managed a two foot snowman and a bunch of snowballs to throw.  You reminded me that a couple crystals of water and a few additives like branches for arms and mulch for eyes, can be so much more important than anything else in life.

Your bwama kindly took you for our night out.  Your mother and I missed our "date night" on Thursday so we were looking forward to some adult time.  At your recent birthday party, your Aunt Kelly and your Aunt Tammy and your mommy had decided that we don't see enough of each other.  In the spirit of your Aunt Debbie's Braizer night, the ladies got together and pledged to rectify the situation.  That is how we had this night out scheduled.  And we had a good night.  Like I said before, it was a great mix of past and present.  Back in the "good ole days" it would be considered a great night that would be tough to top.

As we drove home at an early hour, all I could think of was you.  I laughed at the early hour that we ended at our wonderfully adult night out.  I worried about the drunk drivers out and was very thankful that your mother and I decided on a sober driver.  Even though I immensely enjoyed every moment hanging out and reminiscing about old times and pondering the meaning life over a half dozen drinks with a bunch of old friends,  I wanted to get home to get you.  This is the moment that I realize how life has changed for your old man and though with a couple drinks and some good ole stories we can travel back in time, there is nothing that matches the present and how happy you make me.  A single moment making a snow man with you is better than most anything I could imagine.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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