Saturday, January 12, 2013

Travel During Overtime

To my son Tommy,

There is a secret that many of my family do not know.  That secret is ... today I was rooting for the Ravens football team.  The decision becomes easy since my chosen team, the Steelers, didn't make the playoffs.  But even during the regular season, as long as they are not head to head,  I root for the Ravens.  Of course this season I have had no real interest in football for any team.  I picked a good season to "take some time off" considering what Pittsburgh did.  Most of the family doesn't mind my alternate NFL choice and I bet they actually enjoy having someone to pick on with some good natured ribbing.  Some things are just better in life with contrast.

Since we had no real horse in this race, the commute home from your Grandma Roro's house was so nice.  Even though I was rooting for Baltimore, I realized when the game went into overtime that win or lose there were probably going to be a bunch of drunks on the road when this game ends.  If they win, happy drunks, if they lose pissed off drunks, but either way drunks on the road.  Your mother and I took advantage of the overtime and traveled home during this time.  We listened to the game on WBAL on our travels and the roads were pretty empty and we got home before the game ended.

Let me say that was one of the best decisions we made.  As soon as the Ravens won tonight, we heard cars driving down the street honking horns.  The police helicopter is now circling the neighborhood looking for who knows what.  It kind of sounds like a little bit of heck broke loose.  Thank goodness we are home and in for the evening.  I am so glad for Baltimore and for all our family some of whom are real die hard fans, but I am even more glad to be home and safe.  I know I have said it before, but as you grow up don't drink and drive.  There is never a good reason and "because my team won their playoff game" is just as lame as any other excuse when your car is wrapped around a tree or worse.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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