Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Obligations

To my son Tommy,

Even though we had every excuse to shun all the chaos and complications of visiting multiple families at multiple locations, we happily accepted our lot in life and did what we had to do.  When you have a four year old, you are obligated to share his innocence and awe and amazing Christmas spirit with your entire family, no matter the amount of effort that it requires.  Adults need and crave a chance to regain or relive that Christmas magic that they experienced in their own childhood.  Unlike material gifts, a child can share his holiday love and have plenty left to give.  It is the gift that never lessens or depletes itself.  Not even physical exhaustion and falling asleep can lessen their ability to share this gift.

When you are a parent, remember that Christmas is not about you, nor for you.  So many threaten to stop the Christmas chaos and to those who are doing it for honest and sincere reasons, I say all the more power to them.  But, it would be selfish to shirk your obligation to share the Christmas innocence of your child simply because it is difficult or tiring or complicated.  Make every effort to spread that Christmas spirit and love to all that you can. Merry Christmas my son.  I am going to bed!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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