Thursday, December 26, 2013

Engaging Gifts

To my son Tommy,

Many of the the gifts you got this Christmas require parent participation.  There were very few toys we could unwrap and hand to you and so, "Go! Play!" and expect you to be content.  Hand you a car or action figure and your imagination just takes over.  Your good for hours with those toys!   Though you added a couple those types, this year we sought more engaging toys, something for the whole family.

We got board games and remote control vehicles and a telescope and, of course, Legos.  All toys that need assistance or someone else to play with.  You and mommy did two Lego projects this morning and you and I knocked off one tonight.  Did you know that your tongue pops out when you push toegether difficult Lego pieces?  Tomorrow night, you and I are going to bundle up and try out the telescope.  Hope for clear skies!

Don't get me wrong.  Toys that can entertain you or let you entertain yourself are great.  It gives everyone (aka mommy and me) a break and allows you to give your imagination a good workout.  But you can't beat a toy that brings about a shared experience filled with discovery and wonder and love.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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