Thursday, December 5, 2013

Never On A School Day

To my son Tommy,

Here is a bit of learned parenting advice that was hard earned by your father.  Never, ever, under any circumstance, start decorating your Christmas tree on a school night.  Bed times will come while decorating remains to be done and tears will flow.  As far as mistakes tonight, it actually ranks above the mistake of hooking up the tree to a voice controlled caroling system that blinks the tree lights with whatever song it plays.  The last half hour of decorating was actually spent yelling at the little mouse figure that controls this tech, "Hello Mr. Christmas" and hoping it would recognize your song choice.  

On another note, as far as mistakes for the evening, someone else screwed up more than me in my humble opinion. My choice for tree decorating start ranks far less than the T.V. executive brain trust at NBC that chose to put the three hour live production of "Sound of Music" starting at 8 pm on a school night.  Every parent was faced with the dilemma of being responsible and putting their kid to bed at a decent hour or letting him stay up to 11 pm to share a childhood memory from yore and make a brand new memory for the family.  Well, I guess you will get to see it in re-runs.  I bet you there will be a good amount of kids dragging tomorrow.  There is no right answer that fits for all children.  Of course, since they are singing songs out of order (I don't remember Mother Superior singing "Favorite Things"), and judging from the acting so far (your mother says it is good that it is mostly about the music) it is probably best that you don't associate one of our childhood favorites with our cursing and disbelief and disgusted looks.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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