Saturday, December 21, 2013

Secret To Marriage: Loving Touch

To my son Tommy,

One of the great things about having your mom out of the hospital is being able to reach out in bed and touch her.  No not that way your thinking, you little perv (I call you that with an odd sense of pride assuming you read this at a much older age).  She did just have surgery, after all, so even cuddling is limited and dangerous.  I am talking about something much more intimate, anyways.

Reaching out and being able to hold her hand; that chance moment where our legs intertwine and linger for a brief moment; a hand on the shoulder met with a contented sigh; all lead to that moment of deep connection.  You realize you are not alone in life on a level that far exceeds the physical.  It truly reminds me that even the smallest gestures, the most chance encounters, the slightest engagements, can mean so much in life and love. If you can learn to master that loving touch that creates those small precious and deep moments, then you will have learned another secret to marriage and to life.  I hope that someday you too can find that someone that even just slipping your hand through the two blankets only to grab her pinky finger with yours can excite your soul on such an amazing level.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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