Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mommy Is Home

To my son Tommy,

Mommy was released from the hospital today.  With that came the normal hectic and stressful events.  The doctors screwed up her pain pill prescriptions (yet again) by writing it for a 20mg size pill when they only come in 5mg size.  It was the right dosage but they should have quadrupled the quantity and lowered the dosage.  The pharmacist was looking at us as if we were trying to "score" and thinking no doctor would be dumb enough to write it that way.  Well I will introduce you to a physician assistant that was.

Plus they sent her home with no instructions about her steroid induced diabetes.  I guess by leaving the hospital, that problem just magically disappears.  It makes you realize how stupid some very smart men can be.  Of course, being the ego maniacs they are, they refuse to admit they did anything wrong and worse yet refuse to correct things and want to pass the buck to whomever else.  I used to think malpractice insurance was so high due to abuse and frivolous lawsuits.  Now I believe that might be an over inflated excuse that doctors and bean counters like to give to obscure legitimate stupidity.

But still I owe these jerks a big thank you for doing the surgery.  The gastro doctor said it was a great thing that we pushed so hard for the surgery because it really was that bad!  Not sure if that is comforting or not.  Some day maybe they will realize your mom knows what she is talking about, not only as a future nurse, but especially when it comes to her body.  Now if I can just make those doctors, who are busy patting themselves on the back for a job well done, realize the job is not done and they should treat the whole patient and not just focus on one thing.  

Still, by coming home, even with the stresses and uncertainty that I guess we have to figure out tomorrow, your mother received a medicine that cannot be prescribed.  I, of course, am referring to a hug and cuddle from you.  Though life might have got more difficult for all of us with mommy coming home for her recovery, we are so happy to have her home, especially in time for Christmas.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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