Friday, December 13, 2013

Power Through

To my son Tommy,

Well we got through the first night after the surgery. Your grandmother stayed with your mom overnight while I went home to take care of you.  Your mom had a rough go of it but is doing considerably better since they finally got her pain medicine and management better handled.  We just took her for her first walk, which consisted of about thirty very small steps down the hall and then back.  Upon returning she was put in a chair instead of a bed. The whole thing took every ounce of energy she had and your mom is asleep in the chair.   They have a guy buffing the floor of the halls outside her door with what sounds like a jet plane.  I might have to give him a differing opinion of the Christmas song "Deck the Halls" is all about and explain in my version it is deck the hall cleaner.  I kid, I kid, violence never solves anything and I wouldn't hit someone over that, at least not as long as your mom is sleeping through it.

If you ever think life is too hard, if you ever lose the drive to challenge yourself, I have the solution. Volunteer at a hospital to help people walk after surgery.  You will see people power through pain and tears and struggle and so much more.  You will see people challenge themselves and their bodies when every ounce of their physical being is screaming "NOT YET! Don't you think I have been through enough!" yet here they go rising above and pushing themselves so they get better.  Then remember your mother did that, many a time, and not so much for herself, but mostly for us.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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