Saturday, December 7, 2013

Not Too Grown Up

To my son Tommy,

The other night you declared that you are no longer afraid of the dark when you go to bed.  Despite that this new turn of events was brought about by a pillow pet dream light, it is still a very grown up thing to claim.

You have been able to drink out of a grown up cup by yourself for a couple years now.  Despite this, we still normally give you some type of protected cup though I don't quite think of it as a sippy cup.  Today, you looked at me and asked to unscrew the lid so you can drink it normal.  Again growing up so fast.

There is at least one area of your life that you are still ready to enjoy as a child.  No matter how grown up you think you are, the pictures show you are willing to wait patiently for your chance to visit with Santa!  The Christmas spirit is alive and well in your soon to be five year old self.  The pictures also show your ever present style and flair with that hat and sweater vest, which seems to have served you well since you are holding hands with one of your classmates in the first picture.  I don't even want to consider where that falls on the growing-up/innocence scale.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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