Sunday, December 15, 2013

Is Grandpa Santa?

To my son Tommy,

We are here visiting your Grandmom Roro today.  We tried to visit your mom, but our visit was cut short because you had a tummy ache on the ride over and we don't want to risk you giving your mom any complications.

While visiting, you took some time out from playing to consider your grandfather.  You were rubbing your fingers through his white beard and you asked him a very serious question, "Are you Santa?"  You aren't the first little one to ask, but he remains consistent and simple with his answer of, "No."   No other explanation, just a simple no.  Not sure if you bought it or not, as you eyed his beard and his belly suspiciously and seemed to imagine him in his Santa hat driving a team of reindeer.  I can tell you for certain the belly has nothing to do with jello and instead shakes like a bowl of gluten free Redbridge beer.  But if Santa was a disguise or alter ego, your Grandpa Leo is as good of a suspect as you an get.

Sincerely with live from your dad,

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