Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cat Stand

To my son Tommy,

Your mom has been transferred from St Agnes hospital to St Joe.  Her specialist doctors work out of St Joe and this is where she got her surgery.  So instead of re-working a history and re-testing all the tests so new doctors can get up to speed, they decided to switch hospitals.  I guess the original doctors wanted a chance to make good on the warranty.  Isn't there a lemon law in Maryland?

We ran over some supplies to your mom this morning.  We had to get over before the snow came as they are calling for six to ten inches today.  You haven't seen your mom in five days and she needed her snuggle medicine.  You both needed it actually.

During our visit, you had one pressing question, "Mommy, where is your cat stand?"  Evidently you misheard catscan and keep looking for some furry feline.  You even asked your mom if she was turning into a cat.  I don't think anyone has the energy to explain the correction to you, nor do they want to ruin the cuteness factor.  The other pressing question seems to be when will we hit the gift shop.  You are determined to buy your mom another chipmunk stuffed animal. Since I was delaying the gift shop trek, you are now asking for water from the cafeteria.  Of course, I know you know the cafeteria is right past the gift shop and if we were happen to stop in there on our way...well that would be okay with you.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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