Sunday, January 5, 2014

Glimpse The Future Without Tubes

To my son Tommy,

I will save the birthday post for tomorrow even though we did an impromptu celebration last night at the Downey's and are doing another little impromptu tonight with the Fraziers.  We hope to do a bowling party later in the month for you, but again I will save all that for tomorrow's letter when you will have officially completed five crazy years in this crazy world.

Today your mom attended Mass with us.  I was thrilled on multiple levels, especially for the fact that she was feeling medically good enough to attend.  Of course I had to laugh as she had to learn today to accept your loud singing.  It really is startling to someone who hasn't heard it and got lucky enough to sit next to you.  Your first gut reaction usually is a bit of embarrassment and an attempt to get you to tone it down.  I guess that is natural.  But all anyone has to do is look at that proud dad standing next to you with a grin on his face.  Your mother realized quickly that I have allowed and perhaps even encouraged this in you, so being of the same mindset that becomes being a Downey, she soon learned to just go with it.  That is love.

Anyways, mom has one more day without any tubes and then gets a wound vacuum tomorrow to help her heal.  We really tried to take advantage of being disconnected both yesterday (we went to lunch and shopping for your bday) and today (Mass and some fellowship and some cleaning and such.  Your mom is starting to crash a bit so we may have overdone it.  Hopefully we got a glimpse of what is possible after your mom is all healed up, well with a little added stamina and staying power.  

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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