Sunday, January 12, 2014

Worked Up

Tommy son Tommy,

Your old man tends to get himself all worked up about politics and still need to rant a bit.  I reported yesterday of fourteen homicides in Baltimore so far for 2014.  So far not a single one solved unless (assuming as I read this right) you include that one of the dead is a suspect from one of the other homicides.  I guess I am too used to watching the "First 48" and have bought into how important the initial investigation is to accept not a single one of these cases is solved. Last night was a homicide free night in Baltimore, but from the reports that is simply because those shot at were missed or at least not dealt fatal wounds.  About 15 minutes ago, reports of a guy shot in the back came in and that will probably be number fifteen and put a quick end to the hoe for a "no homicide streak".

Our mayor recently was on TV, a show called Meet The Press.  With a horrible homicide rate last year and a bad start to the current year, you would think she would take the opportunity, you would think she would use this powerful pulpit to address these problems among the many in our city.  Nope.  She used her time to rail against some scandal in New Jersey that people are calling BridgeGate.  With her eye on national politics, no doubt spurred by her position as secretary in the DNC, she seemingly could care less for her current job.

What is it I always tell you?  First things first!  You have to focus on the most important problems at hand before you can start worrying about the rest.  It is kind of like you when you start worrying about what toys you can take to church before worrying about getting dressed.  You, however are five years old and learning.  I wish our mayor would realize you don't run off to Panama, or spend your days on TV railing against possible partisan opponents, when you have such an epidemic of crime and murder in your own city.  Luckily (and I say this with complete irony and sarcasm) our current mayor is the recipient of a one time five year term limit that pushed the election cycle to November of 2016.  We got another two plus years of being ignored.  Yet her and her friends are screaming for impeachment of the Jersey governor.  I don't offer an opinion on BridgeGate, Governor Christie probably did close some roads out of spite, but I do wish there was a way to keep all the Baltimore pundits on task and worrying about Baltimore again.  This is your city my son, and for that, in this present state, I feel, I have to apologize.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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