Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tough Day

To my son Tommy,

You were passing notes with the girl two pews behind you, even enlisting the poor gentleman between you two to help and interrupting his churching.  You kept bowing to anyone who came up and down the main aisle.  You kept performing at the end of the pew for anyone who would pay attention.  You decided it was your job to raise your hand like the cantor to let the entire church know it was their turn to sing.  At communion you once again decided it is your job to sit in the confessional alcove and greet people as they come by, despite your father's request not to. You went up and down the pew three or four times throughout the Mass.  You refused to listen to just about anything your old man told you.  You cried and whined when he tried to correct you, sending your father's eyes to the heavens asking for patience and assistance and just a break.  It was a tough day at church but I am still glad I brought you.  No matter how trying it becomes, it is still very important and very worthwhile.  Sooner or later, as we keep going, you will figure it out.  Until then, I hope the people around us have a sense of humor and I am granted and gifted more patience from above.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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