Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ordinary Miracles

To my son Tommy,

Today's homily from church delved into the definition of ordinary and how there is nothing oridinary about the Gospels as we head into Ordinary Time in our liturgical calendar.  During his sermon, the pastor mentioned, and I paraphrase, that during the liturgy of the Eucharist, an ordinary man says prayers over ordinary gifts and through the power of the Holy Spirit, a miracle occurs.

This got me thinking.  Often in our minds, we look for magical and mystical things to claim a miracle.  Proven results that are unexplainable are the only acceptable version of a miracle in most people's minds.  So many are looking for more of a David Copperfield type event and thus are sorely disappointed and lose faith.  

But perhaps in this world miracles happen every moment, through ordinary measures done by ordinary people during ordinary times.  Many with results not seen or proven, and many with very explainable means.  If a person shows care for the ill, and they get better, what makes this any less miraculous?  An ordinary person, using an ordinary wash cloth and ordinary cold water can lower a persons fever.  Doesn't seem very miraculous, nothing grandiose happened and it is very explainable, but the miracle lies in the love and care shown.

And that, my son, is where the secret lives.  Look for the miracles in the ordinary.  Just waking up every morning can be considered miraculous, though many would disagree, especially before their first cup of coffee.  Find the love and you will find the miracles even in the smallest things. Then in your own life, be a witness to the power of Christ through your ordinary day to day actions.  Share that love and you become a tool, a conduit for those every day miracles.  A kind word or small helping hand at the right moment can change someone's entire day or even their entire life.  What could be more miraculous than that?  If only everyone would recognize those ordinary things as the gifts, the miracles, that they truly are.  Behold the miracles in your every day life and count yourself among the ordinary and the blessed.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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