Thursday, January 2, 2014

You Know Your Too Grown Up When...

To my son Tommy,

I may be getting too grown up. It is snowing right now in Maryland and I am actually hoping that work doesn't get silly and decide to close the office.  I just have too much work hanging out there that needs to get done.  Working remotely is good in a pinch but I accomplish much more in the office.  It is a far cry from my grade school days when I would pray for no school.  Just the possibility would be enough to excite my young self and enough to put off my homework till the last second when they would decide to do two hours late instead of a full closing. I may need to have my head examined because a day off is a day off and I should be chomping at the bit to stay home with you!  Don't grow up my son, you may start not appreciating a possible snow day.

Sincerely with love from your (too grown up) dad,

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