Monday, January 13, 2014

Kids Shows

To my son Tommy,

I might be losing my mind.  I am not sure if it is work, or life, or spending too much brain power on trying to figure out politicians and news, but there are signs.  I got home late tonight from work and you were eating dinner and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  When the mouse said, "Now you guys say it with us" or something to that ends,  I found myself joining in.  Then I started fantasizing about what would happen if the mystery mouse-ka-tool wasn't useful.  I could imagine the look on their faces if they needed a tool like a ladder and were given instead a bar of soap.  The words and reaction I pictured from Donald were quite humorous, though I had to stifle the laughs in fear your mom would think I totally lost it and have me committed.  But alas, I came to my senses with the sobering thought that this is definitely a first world fatherly problem and diversion,.  Most fathers don't have time to lose their mind and neither do I.  Oh well, I guess when you watch those kids shows that ask the TV audience a question, I can just ignore the urge to answer and Mickey and I can stare at each other in awkward silence.  Beats the funny farm.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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