Thursday, January 23, 2014

Evil Sheep

To my son Tommy,

At four in the morning, you screamed from your bed.  I jumped out of bed and came rushing in.  You told me the evil sheep was going to get you.  I never thought hearing someone was just having a nightmare would be a relief.  We brought you into my bed and you proceeded to confirm every bad stereotype about sleeping with a kid in the bed.  I had feet in my face and my back and your arms flailed often.  Perhaps that evil sheep was after you again.

You often tell us that you dream of your stuffed animals.  Your mom thinks the evil sheep is among these toys and that is what is in your dreams as a recurring figure.  I personally think it is a flash back to a school trip where we fed the goats.  I am sorry but goats are freaky looking and it is no wonder they are often associated with evil rituals.  That could easily be described as an "evil sheep" by a five year old but questions about your nightmare rarely lead any clues or additional information.

We all have our "evil sheep" in the world. We all have that thing that haunts our dreams and really doesn't make much sense.  It can jolt us from a deep sleep and as you get older it may even rear its ugly head during the waking hours as well.  We look for explanations, often fruitlessly.  Fear, absent of real danger, rarely has a logical explanation.  Sometimes a nightmare is just a dream and there are no deeper meanings.  Just know, you can always call out for me during the night and I will be there to protect and comfort you from any evil sheep, or goats, or stuffed animals, or whatever ails you.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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