Wednesday, July 3, 2013


To my son Tommy,

If you look at it, birthday anniversaries are quite a silly thing.  What are we celebrating? That I racked up another 525,600 minutes.  I should probably give my mother a birthday party on my birthday.  She did all the work.  Or perhaps my father, because pretty much every year after I was born, he made sure my mother didn't kill me for the stupid things a kid does.  Or the Mrs. because without her who knows where I would be today.  Or perhaps I should give you a party as you are the best accomplishment of my entire life.  The list goes on and on through family and friends.  The fact that I have 39 years under my belt today has less to do with my efforts and much more to do with the efforts, acts, love, and kindness of the other people in my life.  I think the only thing I may have contributed is dumb luck.  Either way I made it to 39 years old today and wanted to give a special thank you shout out to all those people who helped me along the way and continue to help me as I continue on this journey.  And remember, (to blatantly steal concepts and lyrics from "Season Of Love" and rearrange them a bit) a year should not be measured in that 525,600 minutes, but should be measured in love.  Remember the love and the 525,600 moments so dear!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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