Friday, July 26, 2013

Value In Past Letters

To my son Tommy,

I am perusing letters I wrote to you last year around this time.  I was able to go through all the vacation posts and realized the value of these letters.  Having a reference, having something to compare, seeing what was new or newsworthy last year, these are invaluable.  I was reminded about you going around and asking people "What is dirt?" and your cousin Ryan calling big waves "Eighteen wides".  I remember the first real time we went to Angelos.  I have picture of you wrestling down your cousin Gabe and was reminded of an unfortunate event with you sitting on your cousin Emma's back sans pants...we didn't get a picture of that thank goodness.  I read about your excitement as you first met the talking parrot and alligators on the boardwalk.  Even things I didn't write about came flooding back like watching Willy Wonka and Uncle Jimmy singing the Golden Ticket song.  I do lament that I thought last year to make a checklist for our vacation and save it somewhere...but I don't think I actually did that.  Oh well.  That would have made things easier but your mother is once again amazing in her ability to plan and think ahead.

Hopefully you will have years and years of these letters to look back on, but some of the most valuable will be from our family vacations.  It will instantly spark memories of boardwalks and beaches, but more importantly it will instantly bring back that feeling of love and family.  I am excited and I know you are too.  We will get haircuts today.  We will wrap up loose ends tonight.  And just like the past couple years...we will leave when we leave with no artificial deadline to make us feel rushed or harried.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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