Sunday, July 28, 2013

Future Tour Guide

To my son Tommy,

Well we got down here and settled down.  All unpacked and we were able to turn our attentions to the necessities last night.  We hit Angelo's and it was like an old friend welcoming us back.  Later that night we hit the rides and your amusement park bravery has risen, perhaps past your dad's comfort level for letting you ride certain rides.  We hit putt-putt today with Poppop and hit the boardwalk arcade.   We also hit the ice cream shop up the corner.   In fact the only staple of our beach trip that we still need to do is actually hit the beach.  The weather was overcast and I guess that pretty much discouraged us a bit.  Plus we would have had a late start to the day because we went to 10:15 mass.  No matter.  We have plenty of vacation left and many more memories to create and live.  What impressed me most is your capacity to remember every little thing from our past trips.  You remembered landmarks and are already to the point that you could be a tour guide for OCNJ.  I can imagine it now "Yes, those are the helicopter flying goriilas...keep up stragglers...And up on your right we have a talking parrot and an alligator named Albert and another named Chewie...though Chewie might be a croc...and we are almost to Castaway cove."

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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