Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mixed Worlds

To my son Tommy,

A four year old does not compartmentalize.  Aspects of everything they know bleed through those imaginary walls that adults put up.  You are no different.  This allows you to intermingle toys from different shows and different themes effortlessly.  A pirate can be found cooking in the kitchen for his dinosaur friend and Oscar the Grouch.  Imagination and creativity pushes the envelope and is unhindered by any of societal norms.  It is a such a pure unbiased and prejudice free way to be.  I wish our world would strive to this school of thought and expand it from toys all the way to people, and countries, and just about everything.

Occasionally the mingling of ideas just make me laugh and aren't quite the ideal.  For example, you have taken to the movie Annie recently and consequently you have orphans on the brain.  At mass today you somehow ended up with the mixed up notion that altar servers are orphans and professed this fairly loudly.  "Look, here comes the orphans!" you said excitedly.  What is a father supposed to do but shake his head and laugh.  It is an innocent mistake and a simple crossing of lines in your head and not meant to be malicious, but I am not sure how they would appreciate being called an orphan.  It sure made your Aunt Lulu and Uncle Pat laugh.

Trying to remove these mixed up concepts is going to be difficult.  You will argue to a standstill that the altar servers are orphans, and that isn't the only mixed signal we are trying to uncross.  We are still working on trying to convince you that a group of the munchkins represent the "lollipop guild" and not the "lollipop jail".  You also think "coca cola" and "Oklahoma" are pretty much the same thing.  You are sure that all young kids your age are your cousins and I won't even get into the whole pronoun mix up.  If these are the worst of your mixed up thoughts and the extent of worlds colliding in a mishmash to make a much more creative world, then you are doing pretty good.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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