Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Daddy Day Camp

To my son Tommy,

Your mom and your aunts headed back last night.  They wanted to be there in support of your Uncle Raymond who is having crohn's related surgery today.  Our hearts and minds and prayers are with your uncle.  But this does mean we are sans mommies for a day or so and left to our own devices.

Last night we just had cousin movie time on the second floor and then everyone was in for an early bedtime.  Think we were all sacked out by 10:30.  This morning Na and I watched the kids as Uncle Chris set up the beach base camp.  We got the kids fed though I am not sure if your cousin Gabe was pulling my leg saying he was allowed pretzels for breakfast, but Na vouched for him.  Then we got everyone beach ready.  It is moments like remembering everything in the beach bag that I really miss and appreciate mommy.

When we got down to the beach, we bee lined to the water.  You really love the waves.  At one point, I was kneeling down in the sand and waves and you were sitting on my bent knee and pulled my arms around you to make yourself feel safe.  You told me you could stay there forever.  I'll tell you a secret, so could I, well except for the fact that sand and salt in the suit irritate daddy parts.  We made some sand castles (an activity that daddy gets into more than you) and hit the water some more.  Only two applications of suntan lotion but it looks likes you missed out on the burn.

You decided you were done with the beach early and we headed back to the house around one.  The whole process of cleaning a super sandy four year old as well as yourself is yet another time I really missed your mother and appreciated how easy she makes it.  But you are cleaned off and eating some Cheetos for snack as you watch Sesame Street. I am trying to convince you to eat some pasta or some yogurt but you did have a pretty big breakfast.  Time to bribe with rides or walks or ice cream.  Just waiting for the office (yeah I had to work on vacation) to say the monthly financials are closed and they don't need me to remote in to fix anything before heading onto our next adventure.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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