Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Three Pillows

To my son Tommy,

Your mom and I are three pillow sleepers.  I have one pillow under my head.  I have one under my arm as I sleep on my side called the cuddle pillow. Then I have one pillow for between my knees affectionately referred to as the crotch pillow.  Your mother has roughly the same configuration.  It keeps us comfortable.  It helps our backs stay rested and aligned as we slumber.  And most importantly it keeps us somewhat stationary as we sleep.

I only bring up our sleeping technique because I can't wait for you to learn it.  I learned last night, as you were scared and weaseled your way into our bed, you have a much different sleeping style.  Evidently you need to maintain constant contact with your foot to the center of my back.  From time to time you would substitute the foot with the pointy crown of your head, but for the most part you used your foot.  You even once went so far as switching directions in bed so your head was closer to the foot of the bed just so you could accomplish this task. You tend to toss and turn more than the Cornelia Marie in an arctic storm.  Of course when you do, you lose blanket coverage and wake us up to demand recovering.  I also cannot understand how someone of your size and stature can push two grown adults to the edges of their side of the bed.

I have told you before some tips for a happy marriage with respect to sleeping.  Sleeping in the same bed with someone night after night and actually getting a good nights sleep is a learned art and one of the challenges of getting married.  It is a precarious balancing act between your sleeping needs and your wife's needs and is filled with the art of negotiation and compromise.  But when you throw a four year old into the mix, you never know what you are going to get.  You can get one of the most restful cute adorable snuggle sessions or you can get what we had last night which made me think you were Torquemada reincarnated.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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