Monday, July 15, 2013

Feeling Old

To my son Tommy,

In an effort to clean out some crap from your grandparents' house, I grabbed my old skis.  I was scouring the basement for stuff to get rid of, stuff that I wasn't likely to use any time soon, and these seemed the perfect candidate.  One pair were completely unbound and still in the wrapper, a nice pair of √Član MBX R3C 200 cm that were primo back in 1992.  The other two pairs were pretty beat up and included one crappy unbound pair and my work horse bound pair of K2 185 cm that were really the only skis I ever tried.  The K2s have been through so many mogul fields and done plenty of aerials which, depending who you ask, were for the most part successful.

So I figured I'd try to unload them.  At first I thought I'd just give them away but since the one pair were in mint condition I pondered the idea of selling them.  I found a second hand sports store that bought and sold stuff and, listed skis on their site as one of the items they deal in.  I had no delusions about making millions but I figured these mint condition relics would garner twenty bucks or so and if they took all three sets for twenty, they certainly would have a deal.

Well of course I wasn't in the right season, the store doesn't consider ski equipment till October.  But the real shot to the heart was hearing the guy say no straight sticks.  Nowadays skis have a parabolic shape that evidently makes skiing much easier.  My ancient sticks were straight edged and much like the Atari and Texas Instrument computer I found them next to in the basement, are pretty much worthless and outdated.  Oh well, hopefully Goodwill won't tell me that they are just going to throw them out before they accept them from free.  My prime has definitely passed.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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