Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Like A Fish

To my son Tommy,

When we came down in June, we were pleased to see you had gotten over your aversion to sand.  You would even allow yourself to be buried.  This trip, you completed your beach going repertoire by getting over much of your aversion to the ocean.  In fact you are to the point that if you are down the beach you want to be in the water.  As soon as we get down I hear a "Daddy? Now we can go into the water?"  We wade into the shallows about Tommy-knee deep and wait for the big waves to get over your waist and occasionally a wave sprays up and hits your face.  "Wow that was a big one! It slapped us in the face Daddy!"  When I convince you to go back up and have some sand time, you are on the immediate lookout for another adult to bring you back to the ocean or any sign that I am ready to head back down to the water.  Who would have thought you turned part fish in the past month or two.  You don't trust the waves too far yet and won't let me carry you out deeper, but from your point of view even a two foot wave is over half your body height.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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