Monday, July 8, 2013

Own Advice

To my son Tommy,

There are many ironies I deal with day to day.  I find it ironic that my company is an HVAC company and we have horrible air flow and cooling in the office.  I find it ironic that I one time used to run all the plumbing in a house but I still rely on my father to come over and change out pipes and fixtures like hose bibs.  And the biggest irony, that kicked me in the butt in the past week, is that I am an IT guy and I didn't have a good back up of my own hard drive.

I got the system backed up.  I got the servers backed up.  I make sure others back up.  But when my hard drive took a dump, I realized I didn't have a good back up from that laptop.  When my go to guys couldn't get a good recovery, this irony of no back up felt like a gut punch.  I am now spending the week trying to recover my entire development environment which spans about 15 years and some seriously old programs that I was planning on upgrading.  I am scouring every nook and cranny for old install disks and searching through old email archives for downloads and such.

So when you find yourself preaching about doing this and doing that, make sure you step back and follow your own advice.  Had any average joe had this problem, it would have been understandable.  It wasn't any average joe, it was the computer guy.  Handing it to the computer experts above me knowing there was no back up is the nerd walk of shame.  Cross your fingers that I don't go crazy trying to re-establish my powers and IT prowess.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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