Saturday, May 25, 2013

All The Marbles

To my son Tommy,

Today, you and I took a walk to the Family Dollar store.  When your mom and I were planning our grocery trips for the day, scouring the flyers and scanning our coupons, she found a coupon for Bar S Hot Dogs for 75 cents off and I found a flyer or Family Dollar for the same brand of hotdogs for a buck.  All the other deals and matching coupons were for other stores, so your mom sent us on an errand for this lone deal while she did the serious shopping.

When ever we go to the store you end up with a prize.  You may be a bit spoiled by always getting a toy on these trips but I doubt it.  You are okay with a single choice and deal well with all my vetoes.  Your choice today was a bag of 50 marbles for a dollar.  So though we spent more than our savings on the nitrate filled sausages, I had a happy four year old marching home carrying his marbles and bursting at the seams to play with them.

Do kids these days play marbles anymore?  I think they were on the decline when I was young and less than half my generation played.  At two cents a marble, I certainly think it would be a great game to bring back.  Of course I will have to help you master the knuckles down thumb flip before championing the marble renaissance.  Wonder if I can find my old marble set?  I had this great charcoal colored cat's eye shooter that could clear any marble it contacted from the ring.  Some people are handed down priceless heirlooms, you ... well you get a couple balls of glass.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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