Thursday, May 30, 2013


To my son Tommy,

Most of the time you are pretty low maintenance.  From time to time you seem completely self sufficient, but then comes bedtime.  When bedtime comes around you switch from this easy-going will-make-do-with-what-I-have spirit grows to a feed-me-Seymour high maintenance monster.  I am not sure if it is stall techniques or just you establishing your own routine.  You get carried up the stairs upside down on my back while mommy chases us.  You hit the potty and then come in to your room.  We get on your pajamas and then you say you forgot to tap on the scale.  You run to the bathroom and jump on the scale and no matter what it says you tell us thirty point thirty-six.  You then have to do a daredevil tight rope walk on the side of the bed to get in.  You get two songs, twinkle twinkle and sing, and then kisses to mommy.  Then we do prayers and I try to make an exit after tucking you in.  You decide you need fresh water, and you are obliged.  You tell me you are scared and I tell you how you have angels protecting you.  That whole discussion is a scripted five minute conversation of what are angels, and why you don't see them, and where your heart is, and how can you feel them with your heart, etc.  another attempt at exit stage left but you have something to tell me, or you tell me I need to tuck you in again.  I know I am (perhaps your mom a bit too) the direct cause of your procrastination and requests but it is okay.  Perhaps bedtime is our chance to spoil you a bit.   And just to be clear, I don't tell this story of your bedtime routine so someday you say "I was so difficult" and make you feel guilty.  These little difficult quirks of you are so endearing and I will carry the memory of our bedtime tango for the rest of my life, no matter how annoying at times I might think it is.  Oh wait you just requested your mom to come up and look at something as you continue the bedtime procrastination dance.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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