Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Can The Cops Do

To my son Tommy,

Law abiding citizens think as soon as they are wronged that the cops will be there to protect them and serve justice.  This is not necessarily the case, as I was reminded today.  One of our employees had his truck window broken in and his iPad taken while working one of our job sites down in DC.

Per the employee account, he left his truck no less than ten minutes and his iPad was put down behind the seat.  He came back to the truck specifically for his iPad and saw his passenger side window busted in.  The only thing missing was the iPad.  No tools, did not steal the Garmin, just the iPad gone.  When I got the call, we immediately locked his iPad with a 4 digit code and started tracking the iPad.  I had the thief just a couple blocks away, but the employee couldn't leave the scene and I definitely don't want anyone going into danger over some stupid gadget.  So I watched and watched, then the guy either turned it off or somehow covered it so it wouldn't get signal.  Twenty minutes later the cops showed at the scene of the crime.

I directed the cop, who was very courteous and eager to help, to the last known location which was on US 29 (Georgia Ave) between Quincy Street and Randolph St.  I hoped the guy has realized it was locked out and threw it in the garbage.  No such luck.  The officer asked me to keep tracking for at least the day (the other option is to wipe it clean which I will do after 24 hours) and call 911 with any location changes if the guy puts it on again.  It happened three times so far, once at 2228 New York Ave in DC and twice again at the pictured location at the apartments between 3293 and 3299 Queenstown Dr in Mount Ranier, Md.   I have called in a couple times to different police stations and districts after I realized that you can't call DC 911 from my office in Carroll County.  The last department I talked to, the Mt Ranier police department, had two cops on duty and since I could not give the, the exact apartment, they weren't going door to door for an iPad.

I can see there point but it sure hurts my sense of justice in the world.  This guy had to be watching my employee and targeted the iPad on purpose.  The initial officer on the scene suggested it is a gang that has a little chop shop for iPads.  I wish I had a self destruct button instead of just an erase button.

Well so my company is out the deductible and the time and all the authorities and wireless companies and such have been notified.  I sent a suggestion that he drops the ipad in a mailbox so we don't play this cat and mouse game with him having to look over his shoulder.  I will hit the erase button tonight or tomorrow and the replacement is already on its way.  I would say I wish this thief ill but I promised myself to pray for those who need it the most and this jackass probably needs more prayers than most.  The cops are overworked and hand tied in what they can do and I will just have to swallow the bitter pill of injustice.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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