Monday, May 13, 2013


To my son Tommy,

Tis the season (or so it seems) for iPad stealing.  Another iPad was stolen from one of our employees, this time from our truck in our own parking lot.  A little more the wiser, we (the employee who hd it stolen and I) tracked this iPad down to the exact location using GPS.  It was found in the truck of an employee of one of our subcontractors.

I had the old adrenaline rushing through my veins when we found it.  The guy in the truck of course denied everything and said the other guy in the truck must have done it when he wasn't looking.  There were so many times I wanted justice, I wanted revenge, I wanted to smash this guys face in and I wasn't even sure if he was an unwitting accomplice or complicit.  Took every ounce to not act on these shameful feelings.  My Spanish was rolling off the tongue as I reprimanded this guy and throwing out a few words Spanish words that would make my mother blush and be proud all at the same time.  I wish my first reaction was to forgive and let live but I am glad that in the end nothing bad happened and we got the iPad back.

I figure it probably cost us more to chase down this iPad than it was worth.  We had to travel about an hour and a half down chasing this iPad which had a twenty minute start on us.  Round trip for two guys that puts us at 6 man hours.  The fact that we can track it down to the tee though might end up being worth it because it might deter any other would be thieves that come to our office as word of mouth gets around.  As for the poor fellow found in the truck with our stolen iPad,  I guess we will never know.  We decided against calling the cops (who needed another three hours of lost productivity) and just called his boss.  Their boss and my boss will work out an acceptable outcome and I am almost certain that means this fellow and his buddy that he is protecting will lose their jobs.  Guess it is better than being arrested.  Not sure if they are naturalized citizens either and who knows what consequences an arrest would bring.

It is very tough to resist the natural response of revenge disguised as justice.  After I took the time to ponder everything, I am reminded of the scene from Les Miserable where the bishop has the chance to turn in Jean Valjean and let's him off the hook.  I had a chance to be a better person here, but even now I am torn.  Now two people, one who might be innocent but I doubt it, will probably lose their jobs and struggle to provide for their families.  They should have thought about it before stealing though.  No matter how desperate your situation, taking what is not yours is unwarranted and unacceptable.  Also two people, one of which is definitely a thief, will no longer be around our job sites and possibly spoil the good name of our company and the subs good name.  The only good thing that came from this is I got to start my work week off in an entirely different and exciting way.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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