Friday, May 10, 2013

Spotify Should Do This

To my son Tommy,

Everyone I know has been in a funk all week and I dare say that all of Maryland had a serious case of gloomies.  Today, in an attempt change my own disposition, I put on my Hawaiian and been listen to my Buffett based radio channel.  I guess it is starting to work.  In between what seems to be the endless barrage of work calls an idea came to me.

This Spotify uses big data and small personal data to suggest songs I would like to listen to.  It takes what I have marked as a song that I like and compares it to all the other users who have liked that song or artists and have my similar taste and voila the next song is picked.  That works great when it is just me listening to the music.

But what if they created a Spotify Party app.  Everyone with a Spotify account could sign in on the app and it would pick out the songs most likely to be liked by the group.  In essence it would use big data and small data and DJ the party.  If a bunch of country music enthusiasts were listening at a party and all signed in, and George Jones or Merle Haggard would be playing.  In walk Eddie and Eric and Leo and they sign into the party and the app would adjust the playlist interspersing perhaps some of Jimmy Buffett's more country based songs.  In walk four more who tend to prefer rock and roll and the mix changes again maybe hitting some Steve Miller Band or Little Feat.  Every person would sign into the party and it would constantly evolve.  It could evolve further based on duration of party (when to wind up and when to wind down with the music) and so many other factors.

Well that is my brilliant non-work idea for the day.  It was a welcomed distraction but I have to get back to work.  If they haven't developed this app by the time you are ten, I promise I will teach you to code it and we can work on our own version.  Meanwhile if anyone from Spotify takes this and runs with it,  feel free and have fun, and if your business model finds a way to make money, remember where you got the idea.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

PS I don't do many "selfish" so forgive the off center shot of me at work.

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