Monday, May 20, 2013


To my son Tommy,

According to some scientists, time does not exist.  They say it is an illusion.  They say because they can't prove times existence, it doesn't exist.  I think this is quite ironic because time marched right along and put many of six feet under no matter how much they denied its existence.  To deny something that is all around them and they are experiencing is just plain silly to me.  I have studied this from multiple points of view and I can grasps their concepts and ideas, I just think they are wrong.  I was rebelling against religion when I was young, and I was trying to use science to explain away God.  I was buying into all the arguments and falling right in line with this line of thinking, when they tried to sell me on the "time doesn't exist" concept.  To me if science couldn't prove the existence of time, something that seems so obvious and fundamental to me even after hearing all sides of the argument, then the question became "what else does science deny because it can't empirically prove it".  Occasionally in life you just have to accept certain things on faith.    Thus, I have come to believe that many scientist are full of crap.  I believe that time will continue marching on and that timeless physics, like Machian physics or those theories espoused by Barbour or even one of my heroes Einstein, is just sour grapes because science can't explain everything.  Of course the "time" it took me to write this probably happened in this complete instance of "now" and is just a series of changes that created the illusory experience of time from my memories and my naive faith in the future coming.  Or perhaps it just took me seven minutes to write.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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