Wednesday, May 22, 2013


To my son Tommy,

Recently I decided to rid our front lawn of dandelions.  I always said I would love a dandelion free yard but never did anything about it.  In my mind it was a project that required a couple hours from start to finish that I don't really have to spend.  I pictured it as a grand military operation complete with boots on the ground and chemical warfare using some feed and weed concoction.  In my mind it grew to a large three day project.  It seemed daunting.  So I did nothing, until recently. 

Every morning that I remember to, as I head out to work, I pull at least two dandelions from our lawn.  Since I started, I have pulled roughly twenty of these weeds.  That is twenty that didn't go to seed and shouldn't come back, assuming I pulled enough of the root out.  It is progress and much much more progress than if I continued to do nothing because I couldn't do it all at once.

A drop of water does nothing to rock, but a drop of water over and over and over again can create a hole the size of the grand canyon.  A couple coins in a jar won't make you rich, but put coin in that jar day after day after day and before you know it you have a tidy little sum.  A big grandiose gesture may show someone how much you love them, but it is the small things like a sincere hug everyday that will solidify that love.  A couple blog posts won't change who you become, but if they are constant and true and followed up day in and day out with good examples of their wisdom in practice, it just might sink in.  And a couple dandelions pulled from the lawn each morning won't instantly make our lawn the admiration of the neighborhood or anything, but it will get me that much closer to a personal goal of a dandelion free lawn.  I wonder how many dandelions does it take to make dandelion wine.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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